CEIPTEL is a technology company that specialises
in engineering and managing telecommunications projects.

The professional experience of the company’s members allows it to provide coverage and contribute knowledge to every project it undertakes in Europe, as well as Africa, America and Asia.

With its team of professionals CEIPTEL offers the hotel sector optimum solutions and methods for the telecommunications sector, thus ensuring the success of all investments and technological roll-outs that it is entrusted with.


is to provide consultation, design and offer services that are adapted to meet the needs of the specific operations of each hotel or hotel chain.

What services does CEIPTEL?

  • Consultation
  • Design and creation of projects
  • Analysis of investment ratios and services
  • Analysis, comparisons, as well as technical and economic viability studies.
  • Budget management.
  • Supervision and management of project implementation
  • Technical management of the rolling out of projects
  • Technical representation of the ownership in implementing projects.

Who may interest
CEIPTEL services?

We mainly work with the hotel sector, due to the knowledge and experience that has been acquired by the CEIPTEL staff. This wealth of knowledge has allowed us to consolidate our status as one of the most interesting options for project management and technological roll outs.

We also work with public administrations, as well as large and medium sized companies, as the great level of demand involved in such a demanding sector as the hotel trade, means that our knowledges and services are also top quality choice for them.


We are a team with extensive experience in the hotel sector. Our professional experiences have enabled us to acquire knowledge of great added value, both as integrators of technological solutions as well as members of a company running, operations and marketing departments. Consequently, all of our proposals and solutions are the result of deep analysis that we carry out with all of our members.